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Trap or Treat? 4 Tour Guide ‘Trickniques’ & Solutions

Avoid common tour guide 'trickniques' and enjoy a real treat instead...

“Hello, my friends. I’m going to take you to ____________ and later to the cheapest place to shop, a great restaurant, etc. And please–no tips–unless you really want to.”

You’re heard it before and so have I.

And if you’re an independent/low-budget traveler, you probably try to avoid taking tours–unless absolutely necessary. Chances are–you get by with your Lonely Planet guide or the rental of the audio guide, depending on where you are. Or you use your smart phone or some other device to read about the place while your visiting it.

To Go–or Not to Go–With a Guide
But at some point, like me, you might opt to use a guide. Maybe it’s too tricky to get to a…

Fall Into the Moment…

Gorge--Blue vs Gold

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.

—John Muir

The Zen of Autumn There’s a place I go, which is not thousands of miles away, where the past, present and future become a timeless sort of moment—where ‘nature reigns supreme’ and it’s easy to stop thinking and doing and to start…simply…being.

I’m not sure if the magic comes from what I see…the vibrant gold, orange and crimson colored leaves falling, like feathers, from the trees, to their new home: the earth and the nearby water, which feeds into a nearby river.

Or maybe it’s certain leaves, some still green, remaining on their branches as long as they can, waiting for their moment…to fall.

5 Solutions to ‘Travel Noise Pollution’

crying baby

Sound/Noise Sensitivity
Are you sensitive to certain sounds/noise in general–and more specifically, when you travel? What do you do if/when it really gets to you? How do you handle it?

Do you:

a) block it out with earplugs?
b) drown it out with your iPod?
c) let it into your aural space (ie, your unprotected eardrum)?
d) self-medicate
e) a combination of 2-3 techniques
f) all of the above

(Or are you someone who could sleep through a nuclear armageddon? If so, I hate you/want you to tell me your secret.)

I happen to be sensitive to all kinds of sounds/noises–especially intermittent ones. I can deal with the sound of continuous traffic, but not with quiet that’s interrupted from time to time and unpredictably. As you can imagine, that makes me a light sleeper. And of course, I’m a magnet for snorers wherever I am.

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