The Sumatran newlyweds in the photo below, just married a few days ago, had a typical and traditional wedding celebration here in Payakumbuh Village.

I was honored to be invited and to attend. It was my first such experience here in Indonesia…

Newlyweds at Sumatran Wedding

The wedding began late in the morning and ran until around midnight. My friend Eti and I showed up around 4 pm. (Note: people showed up when they wanted to–not at a set time.)

The guests (locals in the village) wore their best clothes and brought lots of yummy food and offered congratulations to the couple (by shaking hands). They photographed the bride and groom over and over again. Perhaps thousands of times.

Not only did they pose together, but also with other folks from the village–and even me a number of times (since visits from foreigners are rare here and people love to photograph them.)

Want to See More Photos of This Wedding?

I shot many photos at this wedding…of the couple, of course, and those who attended. Also, the food–and the DJ. I’m quite pleased with how they turned out and I think you might enjoy viewing them.

Would you like to see a complete photo essay?

If so, let me know. I’ll try to post one soon…when I have time and am able to. Internet is slow here and it’s not so easy to get work on the blog done. Hence, some short posts for now.

Photographic Details

Camera: Olympus X-X 1
Aperture: F 2
Shutter: 1/25
Focal length: 12.9 mm
ISO: 200

Can’t Get Enough?

If you like this, then you’ll love the other photos of the day


  1. Colocation Server

    The female’s head decoration looks heavy!

  2. Awesome! What an amazing experience 🙂

    • Thanks, Michelle. I think you’d love it here. It’s not just entering another culture temporarily, but stepping back in time. Fascinating place. PS: I think you’re here with me in spirit… 🙂

  3. Sophie HeadingThere

    Wow, what an amazing photograph! The couple look amazing 🙂 It’s fascinating to see how wedding traditions change throughout the world…I would definitely like to see a whole photo essay!

    • Thanks, Sophie! Nice that you appreciate it! It is interesting to see and experience the various wedding traditions; happy to have the opportunity. I’ll definitely do the post on the entire wedding. If you liked this, then you’ll love that for sure!

  4. The couple look happy though I feel they are overdressed. That is their culture I want to believe.

  5. There’s really no holding back with those Sumatran wedding outfits – if they’re anything to go by I’d say the wedding itself is a pretty amazing experience

  6. How can you not love this couple? They have this natural understated presence without seeming to have any other agendas. You get the feeling that they truly adore each other and kudos for knowing how to capture that beautifully in these timeless images!

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