It can happen anywhere. A temple. A village. A forest. A castle. A family’s living room. And even on a chicken bus, full of passengers and maybe a chicken or two, speeding through the Andes Mts. “It” is that certain magic that happens when you put yourself out the beaten path. Each time I’ve done it—mostly as solo traveler—I’ve gotten just what I wanted or needed. From laughter, lightness and inspiration to introspection, epiphanies and healing. The common thread? Living in the moment... Sure, chicky bus style travel is slightly risky and a little edgy, but it's rewarding and often life-changing. You never know what the next moment will bring or who you'll meet along the way. It could be the man of your dreams in the seat next to you....or a chicken, who’s actually the Buddha, in disguise. Let's ride the chicky bus, together, and find the beaten path.

Male Passengers

You must be brave to be boarding the Chicky Bus with all of us females. And that’s cool. We don’t mind having you here. In fact, you’re totally welcome here on the Chicky Bus.

Sure, this site will occasionally  have posts that are specific to women and their travel needs, but most of the articles are for everyone–and that includes you. Whatever your gender, you’re sure to benefit from the information you find here.

So…welcome and enjoy. And please refer the women in your life to this site. Thanks–and enjoy the ride!