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Smoking Cigs with Gypsy Peanut Woman (Random Travel Moment #11)

Gypsy Peanut Lady

Why is this woman, a gypsy traveling by ferry (somewhere between Eminonu and Sariyer), smiling with a peanut in between her teeth? And how about that expression on her face–what was she thinking/feeling? And how the heck did I, a nonsmoker, end up smoking a couple of cigs with her–and yeah, eating some of her…

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6 Cities I (Probably) Won’t Be Returning To


Over the years, I’ve visited many cities–large, medium-sized and small. I’m not even sure how many. ¬†Although I don’t love large ones (with a few exceptions), I do like them. Generally, however, I prefer the smaller ones. Looking ahead, I’m thinking about where else I’d like to travel. Most of my trips require a stop…

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Planning Summer Trip to Romania, France and ________? Advice needed!

Lille, France

Surprise! I’m planning to travel to…Europe this summer! Romania, France and….well, I hope to figure it out (or have a rough idea) soon. Maybe you can help? So, first, how this came about… The truth is–I was sort of considering Sri Lanka or Bolivia or Mexico. Then, an interesting invitation was extended to me right…

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