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Biking in #Cuba–Advice Needed!

Biking in Cuba–sounds awesome, right? Take a people-to-people group tour on bikes? Bike independently? Or maybe just use the bikes for day trips? And if you go with Option 3, then how to pull it off? Might sound simple, but could it actually be tricky? I’m considering a trip to Cuba with my boyfriend in June–an…

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Guess What, Guess Where! Trippy #Travel #Photo Game 38! #tbex #ttot

Ready to play Trippy Travel Photo Game #38 and possibly win a mention/link back to your site? It’s easy! Just… 1. Look at the Photo/Study the Details

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7 Fun/Surprising Facts About Dumplings


  (Guest post by Dr. Martha A. Brozyna of Passaic County Community College; complete bio found below) Raviolis. Empanadas. Samosas. Pierogis. Although they come from different cultures, they are all essentially dumplings. Fried, baked, steamed, fried, or boiled; they are several ways to cook them, but one thing is sure; almost everyone around the world…

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6 Things to Do in London Off the Beaten Path

It’s no secret that London offers visitors an endless amount of amazing things to do and see. From Big Ben to Buckingham Palace, the UK capital has no shortage of ways to fill a traveler’s days. As British Airways writes on their site, London is home to well-known landmarks, designer shopping, and a vibrant arts and…

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Your Cookies or Your Life! Colombia’s Wild West ‘Tollbooths’

Guajira Tollbooth

Children, some cute as a button and others subtly menacing, come running as your vehicle approaches the leather band strung across the desert road. Tires on either side mean circumvention is impossible. Adults, parents or other family members, sometimes wait in the distance…just in case. Just in case you don’t have cookies. Cookie Tollbooths That’s right. These…

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Cultural Traditions or Animal Cruelty? Many ‘Games’ Still Being Played Worldwide

Plaza de Toros Bullfight and Folkloric Show Cancun, Mexico

Cock fights. Bull fights. Dog fights. Rodeos. And yes, even insect matches. These and other animal-focused sports—created for human entertainment and most often, financial gain—are still in existence today despite activists’ best efforts to eradicate them. Are these ‘sports,’ some of which date back to Roman times, merely ‘cultural traditions’ or outright ‘animal cruelty’? Or…

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The Boy They Call ‘Dummy’ and Why I Want to Change That #Jamaica #deaf #children #specialneeds #tbex


I’d chatted with the neighborhood kids several times during my recent stay in Billy’s Bay, Jamaica–a village with a population of about 150–and there were plenty of smiles and laughs each time. Connecting with them was one of those simple pleasures that make travel so special. One day, another kid, who looked as sweet as…

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Noisy Bike, Peaceful Paddies–Indonesian Contrast in Black and White (Photo of the Day)

Motor bike n rice fields

Whether you call them motorcycles or motorbikes, they’re unmistakable in Indonesia. They’re the most common mode of transportation. And on most islands, they’re pretty much everywhere! The same is true for the rice fields (with the exception of some islands). When you see them, it’s easy to get lost in their beauty–especially if you’re from…

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6 Cities I (Probably) Won’t Be Returning To


Over the years, I’ve visited many cities–large, medium-sized and small. I’m not even sure how many.  Although I don’t love large ones (with a few exceptions), I do like them. Generally, however, I prefer the smaller ones. Looking ahead, I’m thinking about where else I’d like to travel. Most of my trips require a stop…

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Kissed by a Flirtatious Taco Maker in La Paz, Mexico (Random Travel Moment #10)

Kissed by a taco maker

When I ate at my favorite local taco place in La Paz for the 4th time, I had no idea that I’d get more than some free samples. There was also an unexpected kiss from the taco maker. How the heck did this happen? Where Was I? La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico—at the Hermanos Rosario…

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