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Q & A: Where Travel Has Taken Me

I’ve been to just 5 continents…I have yet to visit Australia or Antarctica. If I ever do an around-the-world trip, I hope to include one or both of them.

My most recent trip was to the Middle East and right before that was Turkey.

One of my first major trips was…to Egypt–the Middle East.

I’ve been on two safaris and would love to do a third one–next time, something even more adventurous (camping).

When I lived in Ecuador…back in 1995-1996…it was very different than it is now. No one, except a handful of wealthy people, had Internet. I did, however, have an Apple computer. I believe it was called a Quad.

I didn’t learn how to salsa dance… in South America, where there were many opportunities to do so; I actually learned in NJ from some Colombian students of mine.

I wasn’t always a teacher or traveler I once worked in the corporate world (at a pharmaceutical company) as a writer/editor. Before that, I was a reporter at a weekly newspaper. I now teach ESL at a two-year college and travel as much as I can afford to. As much as I liked the other jobs, teaching is really the best career I’ve ever had.

After I lived in Ecuador…I made the decision to return to school to be a teacher and got an MA in TESOL to make it happen.

I’m very passionate about…travel, certainly, but also my creative projects related to it. There’s making this website as awesome as possible–and finishing my travel memoirs (amazing stories about how Ecuador and the many trips that followed) over the next 6 months.

To learn more about me and my unique approach to travel, please click here.