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Meet El Caribeño, the Coolest Dude in #Colombia #ttot #tbex #Caribbean

Imagine living on a Caribbean beach, complete with white sand and turquoise water… Your job: running a small bar that serves food (from local restaurants). In between serving drinks, you chill out with the customers and, during/after a gorgeous sunset (which occurs pretty much every night), you dance in the sand. Meet ‘El Caribeño,’ a man who’s…

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Playing Pharmacist With an Argentine Soap Opera Actress (Random Travel Moment 14)


When I checked in at the beachfront hotel in Palomino, Colombia, I immediately noticed how much Maria, the manager, smiled. She looked beautiful and happy…radiant, in fact. “I used to be an actress on a soap opera in Argentina,” she told me proudly when we had our first conversation. “Really? A sweet character or a…

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Smoking Cigs with Gypsy Peanut Woman (Random Travel Moment #11)

Gypsy Peanut Lady

Why is this woman, a gypsy traveling by ferry (somewhere between Eminonu and Sariyer), smiling with a peanut in between her teeth? And how about that expression on her face–what was she thinking/feeling? And how the heck did I, a nonsmoker, end up smoking a couple of cigs with her–and yeah, eating some of her…

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Kuna Woman in Traditional Clothes Holding Bird in San Blas, Panama (Photo of the Day)

Kuna Woman in Traditional Clothing Holding Bird (San Blas, Panama)

This photo is of a Kuna Yala woman, a resident of Carti Island, in traditional clothing. The colorful part right above her skirt is a mola, which means ‘shirt’ or ‘clothing’ in Dulegaya, the language spoken by the Kuna. The ring in the woman’s nose is called an olasu. The arm beads are known as…

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Random Travel Moment #6: Meeting the Exorcist Asst. Director in Amman, Jordan

Exorcist Assistant Director

The Assistant Director of the Exorcist? In Amman, Jordan? Pretty random and yeah, just a bit bizarre. What the heck would…um…possess someone to claim that identity? And why did he choose to speak to me and my 12-year-old Circassian-Jordanian friend Shamel? And was he really who he said he was? Read on to find out……

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Geisha, Panama’s Best Coffee—and Why I Didn’t Drink It

Coffee bar menu

When I heard about award-winning Geisha, Panama’s best coffee—which is one of the best/most expensive in the world—I really thought I wanted to try it. So, while in Boquete, known for its climate and fertile soil that’s ideal for coffee growing, I considered several tours. I then settled on one with Café Ruiz, one of…

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Amantina’s Dominican Kitchen—Where Love Is the Main Ingredient

Ona--Haitian woman and fantastic cook

After a couple of long days of travel on my recent trip to the Dominican Republic, I wasn’t feeling well, thanks to a stomach virus. When I arrived in Los Patos, a small town in the southwestern corner of the country, I had no appetite, yet I knew I was hungry. The question was—what could…

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