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Trap or Treat? 4 Tour Guide ‘Trickniques’ & Solutions

Avoid common tour guide 'trickniques' and enjoy a real treat instead...

“Hello, my friends. I’m going to take you to ____________ and later to the cheapest place to shop, a great restaurant, etc. And please–no tips–unless you really want to.”

You’re heard it before and so have I.

And if you’re an independent/low-budget traveler, you probably try to avoid taking tours–unless absolutely necessary. Chances are–you get by with your Lonely Planet guide or the rental of the audio guide, depending on where you are. Or you use your smart phone or some other device to read about the place while your visiting it.

To Go–or Not to Go–With a Guide
But at some point, like me, you might opt to use a guide. Maybe it’s too tricky to get to a certain place or you’re out of time and need to cram in a few spots. Or you really want someone knowledgeable to show you the place, especially if there’s history/ architecture involved–or local indigenous who are hard to reach–and you’d like to get the most out of the experience.

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