Guess What, Guess Where! Trippy #Travel #Photo Game 38! #tbex #ttot

Ready to play Trippy Travel Photo Game #38 and possibly win a mention/link back to your site? It’s easy! Just… 1. Look at the Photo/Study the Details

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Kronosaurus Skeleton, Fossil Museum, Villa de Lleyva, Colombia: Trippy Travel Photo 37

TTP 37

This photo of a Kronosaurus skeleton was taken at Museo El Fósil (a fossil museum) in Villa de Lleyva, Colombia. The short-necked plesiosaur from the Cretaceous period, related to the crocodile, was discovered in 1977. It is is a large fossil–around 20 feet long–and it’s approximately 115 million years (give or take a few mill) old. The museum…

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Traditional Colombian Tejo Game Box (Trippy Travel Photo 36)

Trippy Travel Photo #36

Clay and Doritos? No, a Tejo game box, used in the traditional Colombian game (a national sport), which I played at Cali’s Club Social Los Amigos. Different, right? The game has specific rules, usually involves liquor and is a whole lot of fun. More information and the winner of this game found below. The winner…

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Guess What, Guess Where! Trippy #Travel #Photo Game 35 #tbex #ttot

Trippy Travel Photo 35

Ready to play round 35 of the Trippy Travel Photo Game and possibly win a mention/link to your site? It’s easy (well, sometimes). Follow these steps to play the game: 1. Look at the photo/study the details

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Tubes of Jamaican Rum, Appleton Estate (Trippy Travel Photo 34)

Trippy Travel Photo 34

Tubes of rum at the Appleton Estate in Jamaica? You guessed it! Trippy Travel Photo 34. Well, actually, two people guessed it–and are listed below. How’d they win? They followed these steps to play the game. 1. Look at the photo/study the details

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Crocodile Skin, Belize (Trippy Travel Photo 33)


I took this photo of a crocodile skin when I was in Belize on a tour, I believe. I didn’t get this close, of course, but shot it from a distance using the highest number of megapixels possible. I then cropped it. People guessed what this was quite easily, but didn’t figure out where I…

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‘Holy Trinity,’ Bcharre, Lebanon—One of the World’s Largest Wooden Sculptures (Trippy Travel Photo 32)

Trippy Travel Photo 32

This photo is of ‘The Holy Trinity’—aka, La Martine Cedar—one of the world’s largest wooden sculpture (39 meters), found in Bcharre, Lebanon. The sculptor, Rudy Rahme, carved these figures out of dead cedar tress in the Cedars of Lebanon, often referred to as the Cedars of God. Look closely and you’ll see the face of Jesus…

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Balinese ‘Penjors,’ Bamboo/Palm Leaf Flags, Dancing in the Wind (Photo of the Day)

Trippy Travel Photo 31

Trippy Travel photo 31, of ‘penjors’ (special bamboo/palm leaf flags), was taken in Sanur, Bali, in Indonesia. They caught my eye because of their beauty and the way they were dancing in the wind, over the beach. Made of long bamboo poles, decorated in coconut leaves, they are a symbol of gratitude in the Balinese…

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Japanese WWII-Era Caves and Tunnels—Sumatra, Indonesia (Trippy Travel Photo 30)

Trippy Travel Photo 30

When I took photos of Lubang Jepang, known as the ‘Japanese caves’ from WWII in Bukittinggi , Sumatra, I knew I’d use one of them in the Trippy Travel Photo game. The place was mysterious and eerie, and it had some history. A perfect combination.  More information about this tourist spot in Bukittinggi, please check below…

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Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Newark, NJ (Trippy Travel Photo 29)

Trippy Travel Photo 29

As you can see in this photo, the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart (more info below), located in Newark NJ, is both beautiful and trippy–especially when you look at it up close. The winner of this round of the Trippy Travel Photo Game guessed it after paying attention to the clues and tapping into…

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Trippy Travel Photos Game: How It Works

When you travel off the beaten path, you never know what you’ll discover. Each moment is different and often “trippy” in some way. And you’ll often see that in certain photos you take. And when others look, they ask:

What/where the heck is it?

And what the heck was happening in that particular moment?

The Game

Every week or so, I’ll post  one of these unique photos and give you the opportunity to guess in a few sentences–or maybe come up with a clever caption–in the Comments section. Approximately 48 hours later,  I’ll tell you exactly where I was and what the heck it was that I actually photographed.

Whoever comes closest to guessing–or writes the best caption–wins!

What’s the prize?

Well, at this point, I can only thank you and post a link to your blog. Eventually, I may run a contest and offer an actual prize.

Until then, I’d  simply love to experiment with this new photo guessing game and would love your help with it. By the way,  if I keep this going, Trippy Travel Moments may focus on the following:

Trippy Travel Categories

Human/s…Being…a person or people in a one-time moment of one or more real emotions.

Off-Beat Oddities…definitely different, a little way out and maybe a bit far out (like the photo you see above)…may overlap with the next category on occasion.

Surreal Seconds…a bit dreamy and disorienting and slightly unbelievable snapshot in time (eg, patterns or illusions in nature)