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Boxed in by a Template? No Thanks.

When I first came up with the idea for Chicky Bus, I knew it was something unique. And I wanted a website that would represent it appropriately.

I’d considered some of the WordPress (free) themes, many of which were attractive, but sort of simple and limited. I also looked at some really cool paid themes, made by some cutting edge companies. They had many features and benefits that made them appealing and so, I was tempted…

Wee Hour Wandering

But one night, at around 1 or 2 am am (it’s often during the wee hours of the night that I create or discover something cool), I came across Headway while looking at various “theme builders”–something I hadn’t previously been aware of. I watched the company’s video and thought, “Wow…I could actually create my own theme–that is, make my site be whatever I want it to be!”

Then, because I like to do my homework (and maybe because I’m a teacher), I compared it to the other theme builders. I wanted to be sure it was good. I spent many hours doing this (reading reviews, user comments and detailed comparisons), eventually coming to the conclusion that Headway Themes would allow me the most flexibility and the most options. That was more important to me than anything.

At that point, I didn’t know html or CSS and that was fine. There was a lot I could do without that sort of technical knowledge. Still, there was a pretty big learning curve (for me). My site was not up and running in a day or two. I had a lot of learning and experimenting to do. There was also trial and errors. And then I wanted to get more creative. I bought a cool book called “Head First: HTML with CSS and XHTML” (not affiliated with Headway). I began to learn and discovered my “inner geek.”

Hooked on Headway Themes

Anyway, now I’m hooked on Headway Themes and playing with some of this geeky stuff. It’s fun and it allows you to do cool things. So why not?

And so, there you have it. How I discovered Headway Themes and why I’m still using it. If you’re curious, please click on one of the Headway links on this page–or the display ad. If you buy, I’ll earn a small commission, which will help me maintain this site–something that would help me tremendously. Thanks for your interest and good luck with your site!


PS: Did you see those cool “grunge peel” social media icons on my homepage? Credit goes to Dawghouse Design Studio.