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The Beauty of San Blas/the Kuna: a Photo Essay

Kuna woman

Join Me…in San Blas! This week, I’d like us to travel together–to the land of the Kuna indigenous in San Blas. Care to join me? In a rush? Check out my video-style slide show (which I made in iPhoto). It’s just 2.5 minutes long, includes about 150 photos and will put you right there with…

Trippy Travel Photo #11: Torah Reading Room, Masada, Israel

TT Photo

Ready to play the Trippy Travel Photo Game? It’s easy! Just… 1. Look at the Photo Study it carefully…notice the details! 2. Guess what/where! Try your best to answer these questions: What is it? Where was I traveling when I saw it? What was the purpose of this place or thing? (If you have no…

The Woman Who Gave Me Her Bracelet…


It was my first night in Panama City and I was tired after my flight from Ecuador earlier in the day. It was hot and humid outside, too, meaning that I easily could have stayed in my air-conditioned room and not gone out. Wine Run But my friend Michelle and I wanted some more wine…

Quirky Quito: 8 Ways It’s Changed Since the Mid-90s


I lived in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, 15 years ago and recently had the chance to visit it again for the first time in 13 years (I did visit it a couple years after I left). Of course, the first thing I noticed was that the city has changed. A lot. The second thing…

6 Reasons I Took a Break from Blogging: Results, Rewards and What’s Next

When I took my recent trip to Ecuador and Panama, I went with my usual backpack of travel stuff (carefully packed and not too heavy) and some new high-tech equipment: my new camera—an Olympus XZ-1 (a high-end point and shoot)–and my iPad2 (plus an amazing Zaggmate keyboard and a WordPress app). I was all packed…

Trippy Travel Game #21: Ecuador OR Panama? You tell me!

Play this fun photo guessing game and possibly win a mention/link back to your site! It’s not [more]

Random Travel Moment #5: Shopping w/a Stranger (a Man) & How It Led to a 17-Hour Bus Trip w/20 Teens

How did a simple chat about my phone with a man–a complete stranger (see below)–lead to [more]

Yogyakarta Arts Festival Parade 2012: a Colorful Cultural Experience (photo/video essay)

Got a minute (OK–1.5 minutes!)? Then, check out this video I made of a parade at the Yogyakart[more]

Capture the Color Contest Entry: 5 Travel Photos from Off the Beaten Path

Capture the Color is a meme-style travel photography contest where bloggers are asked to share photo[more]