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15 Classic #Cars in #Cuba: A Photo Journey to the Past #travelpics #classiccars

Red Cuban Car

Classic cars, many from the 1950s, are everywhere in Cuba—and they’re fun to photograph and to ride in. You spot them as soon as you exit the airport, and it’s likely that your taxi to your ‘casa particular’ (private room in someone’s home) will be one. I found myself oohing and ahhing when I saw them,…

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Biking in #Cuba–Advice Needed!

Biking in Cuba–sounds awesome, right? Take a people-to-people group tour on bikes? Bike independently? Or maybe just use the bikes for day trips? And if you go with Option 3, then how to pull it off? Might sound simple, but could it actually be tricky? I’m considering a trip to Cuba with my boyfriend in June–an…

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Meet El Caribeño, the Coolest Dude in #Colombia #ttot #tbex #Caribbean

Imagine living on a Caribbean beach, complete with white sand and turquoise water… Your job: running a small bar that serves food (from local restaurants). In between serving drinks, you chill out with the customers and, during/after a gorgeous sunset (which occurs pretty much every night), you dance in the sand. Meet ‘El Caribeño,’ a man who’s…

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Kronosaurus Skeleton, Fossil Museum, Villa de Lleyva, Colombia: Trippy Travel Photo 37

TTP 37

This photo of a Kronosaurus skeleton was taken at Museo El Fósil (a fossil museum) in Villa de Lleyva, Colombia. The short-necked plesiosaur from the Cretaceous period, related to the crocodile, was discovered in 1977. It is is a large fossil–around 20 feet long–and it’s approximately 115 million years (give or take a few mill) old. The museum…

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Your Cookies or Your Life! Colombia’s Wild West ‘Tollbooths’

Guajira Tollbooth

Children, some cute as a button and others subtly menacing, come running as your vehicle approaches the leather band strung across the desert road. Tires on either side mean circumvention is impossible. Adults, parents or other family members, sometimes wait in the distance…just in case. Just in case you don’t have cookies. Cookie Tollbooths That’s right. These…

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7 Quirky, Cool (and Colorful) Things About Colombia

Maceta Festival sweets

Colombia is a gorgeous country, one that’s colorful in a literal and a figurative sense. lt’s also uniquely itself and quirky in certain ways. Some of these quirks, whether cool or colorful or both, are easy to notice when traveling there. Here’s just some of what I encountered… 1. The Pinwheel/Sweets Festival When I first…

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Pre-Colombian Gold Display, Bogotá (Photo of the Day)

Trippy Travel Photo 37

The Gold Museum (Museo del Oro) in Bogotá, Colombia, has numerous displays of gorgeous pre-Colombian gold. This is just one of them. This display is in a special vault, where visitors are treated to an experiential journey back to pre-Hispanic Colombia. The lights spin around the room while music, combined with ancient ceremonial prayers, plays….

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Colombian Flag Atop Castillo San Felipe–Cartagena, Colombia (Photo of the Day)

Castillo San Felipe

I visited Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, the Spanish fortress in Cartagena, Colombia, during a day tour–and I really enjoyed my time there. It was a fascinating place to visit and photograph. After the tour, as I was walking away, I noticed how the Colombian flag was blowing in the wind over the castle and it…

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6 Reasons I Felt ‘Older’ on My Trip to Colombia–and How I Coped

Me and the Aussies

During my recent trip to Colombia, I had more than a few of those “Am I ‘getting old’?” moments. Or perhaps I should say ‘older’. (‘Old’ on its own has a different connotation, I think.) Now, in retrospect, I see that some of these moment were sort of funny and that many have something to…

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A Tour of La Guajira, Colombia–or Maybe Mars…


Join me for a tour of Cabo de la Vela and Punta Gallinas, in Colombia’s La Guajira in the north–a region that looks and feels like another world. Traveling through the arid peninsula recently–with its rust-colored sand, meteor-like rocks and ever-changing, not-exactly turquoise water–I felt like I was dreaming. A Few Thousand Miles Away or…

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