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Clouds Floating in Water at Wawayanda State Park (Photo of the Day)

Wawayanda State Park

Visiting Wawayanda State Park–located in Sussex County, New Jersey–almost always makes me happy (except for when I spot a bear or two). The hiking/mountain biking trails are great and offer something for everyone regardless of ability, and the park is simply gorgeous. There are wetlands, as seen in this photo, and a lovely lake that I’ve…

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‘Seagull Convention,’ Half Moon Bay, #California (#Photo of the Day) #tbex #ttot #birds

There were so many seagulls that day I was there, in Half Moon Bay, that I thought it was a seagull convention! What sort of professional organization do they have, I wondered? What were they meeting about? And was admission free–for anyone who could land or take off the way they do? I’m sharing the…

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Kissed by a Flirtatious Taco Maker in La Paz, Mexico (Random Travel Moment #10)

Kissed by a taco maker

When I ate at my favorite local taco place in La Paz for the 4th time, I had no idea that I’d get more than some free samples. There was also an unexpected kiss from the taco maker. How the heck did this happen? Where Was I? La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico—at the Hermanos Rosario…

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Colorful/Wonderful Fish Tacos—Todos Santos, Baja Sur, Mexico (Photo of the Day)

Fish tacos in Todos Santos

“You’ve got to try the fish tacos in Todos Santos,” a friend of mine told me. “They’re incredible!” I decided to take her advice and sure enough, she was right. When I arrived in the town, I asked some of the locals where to go. They all seemed to point at the same stand right…

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Mute Swans…Magical Water (a Photo Essay)

Mute swans NJ

Saturday was one of those perfect autumn days here in the Northeast. The air was crisp and cool and the foliage was just slightly past peak. Leaves were falling from the trees, some floating like feathers, and the water was glowing as it reflected the gorgeous colors. I was at Speedwell Park in Morristown, NJ,…

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6 Silly (But Real) Mexican Food Challenges & Possible Solutions

Huge cinnamon roll

Mango. Tacos. Hot sauce. Peppers. Lettuce. What do each of these have in common? Well, first of all, one encounters them all in Mexico. And, in my case, it was a struggle to eat them without getting into trouble. Here are the 6 Mexican food challenges I faced recently, which you may find yourself dealing…

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Blindfolded and Force-fed Baby Food in Mexico! (Random Travel Moment #9)

Blindfolded and Force-fed Baby Food

How It Began… “Want to go to a Mexican baby shower?” asked Jeanne, a woman I’d just met hours before. We were at a bar in La Paz, Baja Sur, and she was a friend of a friend–someone I’d met randomly on a shuttle bus (click here for that story). The mother-to-be was her (Jeanne’s)…

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One Week at Sea: 15 Highlights of My First Sailing Experience in Baja, California, Mexico

SV Time Piece Sail

I was a sailing newbie, somewhat clueless but eager to learn. And the captain, John Spicher—the only other person on the boat (his boat), the SV Time Piece—was someone I barely knew (story re: how we met here). The plan: to sail the Sea of Cortez for a week. A lot could have gone wrong,…

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For a Minute, I Thought I Was in Cuba…

Classic Car, La Paz, Baja

Last week, while strolling along the malecón (promenade) here in La Paz, Baja, I noticed some classic cars lining up and stopped to take a closer look. It appeared to be a car show of some sort. People were arriving and checking out the cars, admiring them and taking photographs. I can’t tell you what…

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‘Port of Illusion,’ La Paz: the Arch, the Song & What It All Means to Me

La Paz Illusion Arch

As soon as I arrived here in La Paz, Baja California, I knew my decision to travel to Mexico was a good one. Something about it felt right. And very quickly, things fell into place… My first night here, I saw this arch, which says, “Bienvenidos a La Paz, Puerto de Ilusión” (Welcome to La…

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