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Best ‘Rides’ of 2011—and an Awesome Itinerary for 2012!

It’s been another fantastic year over on the Chickybus–a wilder ride than back in 2010. Lots of great travel, some important goals accomplished and ongoing engagement with you, the ‘passengers’/readers. I thank you for joining me here on the bus–and truly appreciate your continued readership! Before we look ahead at 2012, let’s look back at…

Edelma—the Only Female Taxi Driver on Isla Ometepe

Edelma, the female taxi driver

When we first saw Edelma, after arriving in Isla Ometepe (Nicaragua), we weren’t sure if we should accept a ride with her. She looked nice enough, but like the other taxi drivers, she was super eager and borderline pushy.  “Vamos,” she said. “I’ll find you a room, too.” My travel companion and I, feeling slightly…

Manic Mannequins Take On Ecuador: 10 Journeys Through Time and Space


Ever wonder what it would be like to experience time travel? I did it this summer and would now like to share with you my secret–my number one tip, in fact. Visit Ecuador and go window shopping. That’s it. See, in cities like Quito and Cuenca (and even some small towns), a unique time travel…

The Caribbean on the Cheap—Can I Do It and Get What I Want?

Here’s the situation. I have credit for a flight with Air Caribbean (due to a trip to Jamaica that I canceled) and need to use the ticket within 1 year. I may want to use it in January—next month! I’m still considering Jamaica, but there are now 9 other possible countries/territories as contenders. And it’s…

10 Tips for Saving Money (Up to $100) Before Your Next Trip #travel

Before I take any trip, I visit the dollar store. Why? Quite simply, I can save a lot of money there[more]

Rare Sumatran Tiger in Bukkitingi, Indonesia (Photo of the Day)

Today’s photo is of a rare Sumatran tiger, also known as Panthera tigris sumatrae, a tiger sub[more]

‘Nandi’—Shiva’s Holy Cow and Vehicle—at Prambanan Temple, Indonesia (Photo of the Day)

Today’s photo is of ‘Nandi,’ Lord Shiva’s/Siva’s holy cow and vehicle,[more]

Trippy Travel Game #21: Ecuador OR Panama? You tell me!

Play this fun photo guessing game and possibly win a mention/link back to your site! It’s not [more]

Random Travel Moment #5: Shopping w/a Stranger (a Man) & How It Led to a 17-Hour Bus Trip w/20 Teens

How did a simple chat about my phone with a man–a complete stranger (see below)–lead to [more]