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Kindergarten Party Fun in Western Sumatra, Indonesia! (photo/video essay)

Payakumbuh kindergarten dancer

It’s not every day that I attend a kindergarten party/celebration–especially in a village in Sumatra! So I shot many photos (and some video), which I’m sharing so that you can get a sense of what it was like to be there…

Saying Goodbye in Sumatra—and Why It’s So Hard This Time

Eti's family (minus her son)

It’s morning and I’m sitting on the porch, sipping my coffee and eating bakwan (fried vegetables).  The birds are chirping and the roosters are still crowing. And Eti, the friend/teacher I’m staying with, is in her PJs, off-white with small teddy bears, and sweeping the porch and the yard with a handmade broom. Her hair…

6 Offbeat Travel Experiences Had in Sumatra, Indonesia

Orang hair

I tend to have some offbeat/quirky experiences wherever and whenever I travel. And here in Sumatra, Indonesia (Payakumbuh specifically), it’s been happening yet again. And know what? I’m really enjoying it. I’ve gotten many laughs out of these situations (especially #5) and I hope you do, too. Without further ado, here are 6 of the…

Newlyweds at Sumatran Wedding (Photo of the Day)

Newlyweds at Sumatran Wedding

The Sumatran newlyweds in the photo below, just married a few days ago, had a typical and traditional wedding celebration here in Payakumbuh Village. I was honored to be invited and to attend. It was my first such experience here in Indonesia…

Village in Sumatra, Indonesia (Photo of the Day)

Payakumbuh--the village in Western Sumatra, Indonesia, where I'm currently staying

Today’s photo I shot right here in Payakumbuh, the village where I’m staying in Western Sumatra in Indonesia. Normally, I only post unfiltered/unaltered photos, but this time, I just couldn’t resist…

Teaching English in Sumatra, Indonesia: The Unexpected Gifts


Yesterday, I was full of emotion as I presented a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) workshop to about Indonesian English 35 teachers here in a local school district near Payakumbuh in Western Sumatra, Indonesia. When I walked into the room and saw them waiting for me, I felt a brief surge of apprehension.

Singapore Airlines Lost Luggage Nightmare

Child who screamed for the duration of two flights with his twin brother who cried all night--20 hours of hell

Singapore Airlines lost, then found, then lost my luggage for nearly 5 days and caused me great stress and major inconvenience, both of which nearly ruined the first part of my trip to Indonesia. Normally, I wouldn’t bother to spend my time writing a post like this; I’d accept the basic compensation and move on….

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Rice Paddy and Sky Reflection, Bali (Photo of the Day)

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