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6 Reasons I Felt ‘Older’ on My Trip to Colombia–and How I Coped

Me and the Aussies

During my recent trip to Colombia, I had more than a few of those “Am I ‘getting old’?” moments. Or perhaps I should say ‘older’. (‘Old’ on its own has a different connotation, I think.) Now, in retrospect, I see that some of these moment were sort of funny and that many have something to…

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10 Ways Jamaica Surprised (and Didn’t Surprise) Me

Jamaican woman in water

Before traveling to Jamaica, I wondered what it would be like. Tourists everywhere? Super expensive? Rastas on every corner? Cheap Jerk chicken? And would I smell ganja being smoked 24/7? Most of my questions were answered on my recent trip. I spent most of my time in Treasure Beach, which is off the beaten path,…

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Overnight Megabus to New York from Toronto: From Hellride to Joyride


I honestly dreaded having to take the overnight double-decker MegaBus ride from Toronto to NYC two nights ago (after being at the TBEX Conference for a few days). Although I’m a veteran bus rider, I just didn’t look forward to an 11-hour ride (midnight to 11 am the next day). But I had no choice….

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Tea Time with Tom Waegook & Why Simple (#Travel) Pleasures Are Often the Best #ttot

NYC Pizza Party

I’ve had the pleasure of cyber-knowing Tom Waegook, a fellow travel blogger, for a while–thanks to Twitter and Facebook. And I was lucky enough to meet him and his partner, Namgi, in person last week in New York City. Although we only spent several hours together, we had a wonderful time! When we were making…

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Traveling to a Developing Country? 10 Things to Expect (& Tips to Enhance the Trip)

McDs in Middle East

I enjoy traveling to developing countries and have been to quite a few over the past two decades. I’m drawn to them for many reasons, especially the cool cultural encounters I have and the quirky random travel moments that tend to occur. These trips, as wonderful as they may be, are not always easy. There…

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10 Tips for Saving Money (Up to $100) Before Your Next Trip #travel

Before I take any trip, I visit the dollar store. Why? Quite simply, I can save a lot of money there on travel items. Sometimes as much as $100, believe it or not. I think these tips can work for most people living in the USA or other Western countries that have dollar stores, which…

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15 Highlights of Indonesia: Destinations and Experiences I Enjoyed Most

Amed sunset

I’d love to share my ‘top 5’ destinations or highlights of my 8-week stay in Indonesia, but…it’s hard to narrow it down so much. So, I’ll instead share 15 in one post, including 30 photos…and hope you get a sense of what my experience there was. Enjoy! Payakumbuh, West Sumatra 1. Living in a Minangkabau…

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Should I Buy a Round-the-World Ticket or Not?

Neon Tickets Sign

I’m considering taking a 3-continent trip this summer and am wondering if I should buy an around-the-world ticket–aka, an RTW ticket. Would it be more economical than getting separate tickets? If so, how/where would I get it? Also, how would I set it up to have some flexibility without breaking the bank? OR… is an around-the-world…

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The Caribbean on the Cheap—Can I Do It and Get What I Want?

Palm trees

Here’s the situation. I have credit for a flight with Air Caribbean (due to a trip to Jamaica that I canceled) and need to use the ticket within 1 year. I may want to use it in January—next month! I’m still considering Jamaica, but there are now 9 other possible countries/territories as contenders. And it’s…

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4 Camping Horror Stories and Why I’m Almost Ready To Pack It in


I admire people who know how to camp and actually love it. I really do. They’re not unlike those whose VCRs and coffee pots never flash 12:00. How do they do it? What is their secret? Obviously, I’m a bit challenged in both these areas–especially camping. And it’s a shame because I truly love nature….

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